In today’s highly competitive market, airlines are constantly upping the ante by improving their first class flying experience. As prices for economy seats have plunged and more people choose to fly that way, the world’s top airlines have devoted a considerable amount of thought and care into creating an exceptionally worthwhile first class flying experience for those discerning travelers who choose luxury tickets. When you choose to fly first class, you will be treated to a luxury experience beyond compare from the moment you enter the airport to the moment you land at your destination.

Why Choose a First Class Flying Experience?


What’s the difference between first class and business class? This is probably the biggest question that most people have when considering their options. There are several major factors at play. First, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the seating. The size and pitch of the seat are crucial to comfort, especially on long-haul, overnight flights. First class seats are usually between 18 and 35 inches wide, with a seat pitch of 34 to 94 inches. Business class seats range from 18 to 34 inches wide, with a pitch of 33 to 65 inches. First class passengers generally enjoy better meals and a larger selection of wine and liquor. There are also more flight attendants per first class passenger. In a fascinating post, travel blogger Chris Guillebeau describes the typical first class flying experience:

On a good flight, the service schedule usually breaks down like this, beginning from when you board the plane:

-Welcome from a flight attendant

-Offer to hang my jacket

-Welcome drink (juice, water, or champagne)

-Welcome from the purser (thank you for flying with us, sir)

-Distribution of headsets, amenity kits (sometimes), and menus

-Takeoff distribution of hot towels (on a good airline, this is repeated a few times during the flight)

-Flight attendant returns to ask what I’d like to eat

-Offer of drinks and nut bowl

-Meal service (appetizer, main course, cheese or dessert)

-Coffee or dessert wine

-On long-haul flights, a second meal (usually breakfast) will be served between one and two hours prior to arrival

What Is a First Class Flying Experience Like?


the best first class flying experienceThe first class flying experience is a complete luxury package deal that goes beyond just the in-flight service that flying first class is world famous for. You won’t even have to ask yourself if flying first class is worth the money, with all the first class perks on offer, the price of first class tickets will seem like a real bargain! In his travel blog, Ramblin Randy outlines the mind-blowing care he received upon arriving at the airport before his first class flight with Asiana.

The first thing I noticed was how special and hands-on my “check-in” at the airport was. Not only was I treated super nice at the counter, but when my bag and I were all checked in, the young lady from the airline personally walked me through security–through my own line (bypassing everyone else in all the other lines), and into the first class lounge. What service!

The Asiana lounge was awesome! It was huge, with an awesome buffet stocked to the brim with food, drink and tasty treats including green tea ice cream bars. The ambiance was dope with cool views of the tarmac. The lounge even featured these little coves to sit in with bookshelves all around; kind of like your own little mini-study. Grand piano in the center of the room. Fancy!

Imagine my surprise, when, hours later, a young lady tapped me on my shoulder and told me she was ready to escort me to my flight, which was now getting ready to board. She grabbed my carry-on and walked me out of the lounge, over to the gate, down the walkway, and into the plane–right to my seat! I got everything but a goodbye kiss. It was amazing!

So if you’re still one of those people wondering why is flying first class so expensive, just stop right there! Not only does the value of first class flying experience speak for itself, but you actually can find cheap first class tickets! Yes, it’s true! You can save up to 70% off by booking your first class tickets with a specialized luxury travel agency like Wholesale Flights that will ensure you get exactly the tickets you want for the best prices possible. After your first class flying experience, you’ll certainly never want to travel any other way ever again!

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