It’s estimated that 30.78 million U.S. citizens traveled abroad in 2014. While flying is typically our go-to choice for travel, we also have to make a decision about what type of flight we want to take. First class flights may sound incredibly cushy, but the fact is that business class airfare will provide a lot of the same benefits at a better price. So if you’re traveling internationally for business purposes, it would only make sense to opt for business class flights. Let’s take a closer look at why flying business class to Rome, Paris, and other European destinations is the superior choice.

  • Business class flights are luxurious and less expensive
    As a business professional, you likely understand the importance of getting more value for your money. When you’re flying business class to Rome, London, and other international cities, that’s exactly what you’re doing. While amenities may vary from airline to airline, you’ll still be getting nearly all of the comfort and delight you get from a first class ticket but at a more affordable price. Essentially, the only difference for first class international flights is that your space may be enclosed and more private. Other than that, you’ll enjoy the same kind of perks in business class that first class flyers get.
  • Business class tickets are easier to expense
    If you’re flying internationally for business and don’t want to foot the bill yourself, you’d be better off going with a business class ticket. Every organization is different, but many companies will take care of certain business class flights. In contrast, it’s not likely that your company will pay for your first class ticket. Before booking your flight, check your company handbook or inquire with your employer.
  • First class may soon be obsolete
    Most airlines are putting the focus on improving business class. In doing so, the emphasis on first class has decreased. Some airlines have already gotten rid of first class options, and others are making plans to drastically downsize their first class offerings. Now that business class flights have all the great amenities of first class with a lower price tag, most passengers will go with a business class option.

When you really look at the benefits of business class airfare, it’s easy to see why flying business class to Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam, or virtually any other European destination is the best choice. If you’re looking for great prices on international business class airfare, get in touch with Wholesale Flights today.