A lot of people have only ever flown economy class, and are curious what flying in first class is really like. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? How different could it actually be? What are the benefits? Is flying first class worth the money? When you’re on a fixed budget, as most of us are, flying economy often seems like the natural choice, but it never hurts to know what it is we’re passing up.

Why Flying In First Class Is So Enjoyable


Those who have become accustomed to all the benefits of flying in first class tend to agree that it’s a true joy and a worthwhile investment. When you think about it, you’ve heard many nightmare stories of an uncomfortable experience in coach, but you almost never hear a disgruntled passenger flying in first class.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count towards a wonderful air travel experience, as one prominent blogger outlines in the following excerpt:

Right before we take off, or sometimes right after, I’ll get a Bose headset, a hot towel, an amenity kit with toiletries, and a menu for the 9-hour flight. The menu has four choices of the main course for dinner. As a vegetarian, I usually have only one choice, but everyone else can choose between steak, chicken, some kind of seafood, and some kind of pasta.

A luxury set of headphones, extra meal choices, these are the kind of things that can truly enhance your first class flying experience as you make your journey through the air. On the other hand, a sore neck and cheap headphones that don’t work can have you arriving at your destination in a less than chipper mood.

Other first class perks, such as a more spacious and private seat, may seem to some like a small improvement, but to those who suffer from any kind of joint or muscle pain, it can make a world of difference. The first class seat is described to us in detail by an excited blogger in the following excerpt:

The seat is a seat, yes, but it is also a flat bed, a TV lounge, a dining table, an opera house, with pillow, blanket, and sleepers. I was alone in my very own space with a window, no neighbors, in absolute privacy.

Who hasn’t dreamed of a seat that can become a bed as they sit, cramped on a long dreary flight? Who among us wouldn’t love to have our own private space to decompress as we fly across the ocean? You get all this and more when you are flying in first class.

The Perks of Flying In First Class: You Get All This and More


When flying in first class you get everything you could possibly want or need during your flight, all the comforts and luxury that money can buy. But, just like in life, it’s the little things that can make all the difference. That’s because the little things can have a huge effect on your well-being. Eating a better meal will make you feel healthy and energized upon arrival at your destination. Spreading out in your seat, or perhaps taking a nap will have you feeling refreshed and unencumbered by aches and pains. Getting off the plane earlier than the rest of the passengers can fill you with good feelings. Whatever way you end up getting to your destination the next time you travel, we hope you arrive in tip-top shape, so that you too can enjoy the little things in life.


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