Ask anyone who has ever flown in economy class what they thought of the onboard meal and, inevitably, the response will be lukewarm at best. Over the past decades, airline food has achieved an increasingly negative reputation, but thanks to the concerted efforts of airlines like Qatar Airways, Etihad, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, and more, the tables are turning when it comes to first class airline food!

Which Airline Has the Best First Class Food?


Which first class airline food experience ranks above the rest? That may be a matter of taste, but one thing can be said for almost all first class food offerings: first class food is miles above economy! These airlines have been striving to work with world-class chefs and sommeliers to provide first class food comparable to Michelin-starred restaurants. In addition to all the other benefits of first class flights, such as ample legroom, fully flat-lying seats, and access to the exclusive first class airport lounges, getting to eat first class airline food is just one of the many first class perks that will make your flight a truly memorable experience!

As Beth Blair, a former flight attendant turned freelance travel writer, explains in her fascinating article about in-flight dining, one of the most telling characteristics of an exceptional first class airline is the attention given to the onboard dining experience. One of the most highly rated airlines in the world, Qatar Airways, is a great example of just how amazing first class food can be:

The overall goal is to provide passengers with a 5-star experience, which is accomplished by utilizing the highest-quality food and equipment and the right culinary authorities. In September 2012, Qatar Airways teamed with four award-winning, global chefs: Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Chef Ramzi Choueiri, Chef Vineet Bhatia and Chef Tom Aikens. The outcome was the new Qatar Airways Culinary World Menu, a rainbow of delectable international cuisine offerings. Qatar’s dishes are tested extensively in a simulated environment with altitude, pressure and heating times all taken into consideration as the recipes are honed to perfection. Only after thorough scrutiny do meals get included in the onboard menu.

Experiencing First Class Food For Yourself


First Class Airline FoodIt’s not all about celebrity chefs, either. As a first class passenger you’ll be treated to an immersive experience that you’ll never forget. As Chris Isaac, the director of American Airlines’ in-flight dining, describes in Ms. Blair’s article:

Our premium customers now enjoy world-class dining options served on new modern china, with upgraded flatware and linens, and our signature build-your-own sundaes. International first-class customers are treated to a restaurant-style dining experience complete with an amuse bouche, a salad and soup course, a customizable entrée, the choice to participate in an in-flight wine tasting, and several dessert options.

Our Boeing 777-300ER aircraft features a walk-up bar that is available exclusively to our premium-class customers. It is stocked with a selection of snacks, sandwiches and sweets, available anytime between meal services. In addition, first-class customers on our 777-300ER aircraft may enjoy an espresso or a cappuccino prepared in our first-class galley.

No matter whether you are traveling for business or heading off on a much-needed vacation, flying first class is always a joy. From the first class food to the richly decadent ambiance of the premium cabin on board the aircraft, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable journey. And you don’t need to break the bank to fly first class! Find the best prices on first class flights online right here! We can find you cheap first class flights to any destination. Just tell us where you want to go, and leave the rest to us!

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