Europe is a fascinating continent, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why people are constantly traveling there. With so many countries, each with their own unique culture, Europe is a favorite destination for inquiring minds. There’s a reason so many young explorers head there on their first big trip. From Berlin to Barcelona, the diversity of experience is unparalleled.

Here’s the rub; flying to Europe takes a long time and isn’t necessarily cheap either. You’re in the air for what can seem like eons, and it’s not always the most pleasant experience to go through. That’s why flying business class to Europe makes so much sense. And, while yes it’s true that the international business class tickets are generally more expensive, we’ll show you a trick on how to get business class tickets cheap. When you fly business class we want you not only to remember your flight fondly but also the money you saved when booking your business class ticket. First let’s look at the reasons you’ll want to fly in business class to Europe as opposed to economy, and then we’ll show you how to save money on your tickets.

Reasons Why You Will Want To Fly Business Class to Europe


People aren’t always sure if flying business class to Europe is worth it. If all you’ve ever flown is economy, you may be under the impression that business class is an unnecessary luxury. That may be true for shorter flights, but there’s so much more that goes into your business class flight experience on a long haul flight that it’s definitely worth considering. As this travel blogger found out when taking their first business class flight, it’s a lot more than just bells and whistles:

Let’s state the obvious right away: business class is pretty much heaven on earth as far as air travel is concerned from the very moment you step foot in the airport. To me, flying business meant you had access to actual cutlery and spacious seats, and little more – I had no idea that so many other privileges came alongside that.

As this blogger realized, flying business class to Europe isn’t just a few little perks, it can be a life changing experience. You’ll not only appreciate the size difference when it comes to your business class seat, but you will also get to enjoy much better food and drink, you’ll have the space and privacy to get some sleep in your fully reclining seat, and you’ll have entertainment at your fingertips as well as an amenity kit filled with small luxury items to help make your trip more comfortable. And that’s just the beginning! Imagine feeling as though you’d found heaven on Earth. Now that’s a pretty nice way to get to Europe.

Now Onto the Savings: How to Save Big On Business Class to Europe


Here’s the part you are probably really curious about: How to find discounts on business class to Europe. There are lots of ways to get deals on business class airfare, but this one method is by far one of the most effective ways to save money flying business class to Europe. The trick is to to wait until the last hour before the flight and see if you can get an upgrade. Airlines sometimes will have some seats left in business class that they don’t want to go unused. By buying an economy class ticket and then waiting, you can sometimes get an upgrade at a huge discount. This travel blogger elaborates in the following excerpt:

How to find discounts on business class to Europe.You can pick up a cheap upgrade at the last minute if a cabin is under-booked. In this option you would have to book an Economy or a Premium Economy ticket and you would have to be prepared to fly in Economy or Premium Economy if you cannot find an upgrade. But equally, this method is probably the cheapest way to travel in Business Class as long as you have lady luck on your side. To get a last minute upgrade, you must keep checking the airline website or app the week before your flight. 

While this method of trying to find discount business class tickets to Europe can be risky, and perhaps not the most practical way if you’re trying to plan your trip ahead of time, but it has the potential to pay off in a big way. One major lesson to learn here is that you should always be checking for deals right up until it’s time to take off no matter what. Someone is going to snag those amazing last minute business class ticket upgrades, why shouldn’t it be you?

Traveling to Europe is an amazing experience, whether it’s your first time or your tenth time. The things you’ll learn, and experiences you live will be with you forever. The same could be said for flying business class. The way you’ll be treated and the comfort you’ll enjoy will be something you’ll never forget. Now get out there and fly business class to Europe! And don’t worry, if waiting until the last minute to snag an amazing deal on you business class tickets to Europe isn’t your cup of tea, just reach out and ask us what deals we have going. You’ll probably still end up saving between 30-70% off your tickets, so cheerio old chap! You’ll be saving money on your business class flight to Europe one way or another, we promise!


How to Fly Business Class to Europe For Less