Many of us assume that we simply can’t afford to fly business class, and so we just don’t try. While this is often true at regular prices, there are ways to find discounted business class tickets that make flying business class totally worth it. While it’s easy to believe that the price you first see is as good as it gets, you can find much bigger discounts by following a few insider tips to book cheap business class flights. So don’t despair, read the following tips, and you’ll be able to uncover hidden discounts and score some cheap business class flight deals!


Buy Cheap Business Class Flights in Bulk


One tip for finding cheap business class flights that’s rarely thought of is to buy flights in bulk. Sounds weird at first, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing weird about it, it’s just common sense. Many of us fly multiple times a year, so why not plan ahead and save money at the same time? It’s all about finding ways to get the cheapest price you can on business class flights. If you see a sale, jump on it, by not just booking one flight, but several. This wise travel blogger explains:

This is one I struggle to remember, but it’s extremely important. Sometimes sales have very limited dates, other times, you can pick just about any calendar day. When it’s the latter, it’s important to think about your year in travel, right that instant. If you know you’re planning to visit home for the holidays, vacation in the spring, and have a work trip in the fall, look to lock in the best deals while they’re there. Remember, with most airlines, you have a full 24 hours to cancel a flight outside of seven days away with no penalty, receiving a full refund. 

Though it may be difficult to spend on more than one flight at once, the overall savings of booking multiple business class flights on sale can be astronomical. We often buy food items that we know we’ll need for the house, in bulk. This is the same concept. Spend a little more now, save a lot on your total cost for your business class tickets. Sometimes it really pays off to be a planner.


 Book Cheap Business Class Flights Using Miles


When it comes to finding cheap business class flights, there’s one thing you’ll keep hearing repeated; use your air miles wisely. Too many of us are far too eager to spend our air miles on any old flight. There’s an economy to air miles that we must understand, in order to get there full value. If you think of air miles as a type of currency, which they are, then you can get a better picture of how spending them on business class tickets is a much better value overall. This useful infographic shows you the value of an air mile, notice how much of a discount you get by applying the air miles towards a business class flight.

use your reward points to get cheap business class flights

As you can see, spending your air miles on an economy flight is a huge waste of your hard earned miles. While using them towards a business class flight, or upgrade maximizes their true potential. If you don’t have enough air miles to book the business class flight you desire, you can also purchase them. Understanding this basic concept, how the value of your reward points goes up when spent on business class tickets as opposed to economy, can go a long way to helping you book cheap business class flights.

It’s understandable that many of us assume that business class flights are out of our price range. The renowned luxury of flying business class sounds too good to be cheap. But by utilizing these insider tips you can indeed book cheap business class flights and enjoy the full luxury of flying business class without paying full price! You don’t have to be Sir Richard Branson to fly business class on Virgin Atlantic. You don’t need to be named Bill Gates to be able to lie down in your luxurious business class seat to get some rest on a long flight. You can just be you… but by finding discount business airfares, you may just end up sitting next to people like Richard Branson or Bill Gates on your next business class flight! You never know!


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