For some people taking business class flights is the only way to fly. Once you’ve experienced the heights of what air travel can be, it’s hard to go back. You might think that flying business class every trip you go on would have you spending a lot on flights, but that isn’t necessarily the case. When you know how to find the best discount business class flights, you can fly in luxury without frittering away your life savings.

Best Time to Book Your Discount Business Class Flights

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again what a big difference it makes to book your flights with enough time left beforehand. You’ve heard it a lot because it’s true and it’s important. This can’t be understated. If you want to find the best discount business class flights, this needs to be the very first step. You can use the below infographic as a kind of cheat sheet for knowing when to book your business class flight to find the biggest discounts:

Best Time to Book Your Discount Business Class Flights

As you can see, somewhere between 105 and 21 days prior to your flight is your time to shine. That may seem like a big window, but we all know how easily time can slip by. See if this sounds familiar; you know you’re taking a trip and you keep putting off booking it, until you wake up one day and you’re due to leave in two weeks. Don’t let that happen, be proactive! Use this method to get discount business class flights and get the best possible price on your flight!

Timing Your Discount Business Class Flights Just Right

Booking your flight early is key, but so is booking during the optimal time of year. Due to multiple factors, flights are in such high demand during peak seasons to the point that you could end up paying more than double the price than had you booked during a slow time. Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond explains in the following excerpt:

Some of the best flight deals I’ve ever seen are always available during the month of January & February. Round trip flights from the United States to Europe or Africa for under $500!?


You don’t need to travel during those months, it just means you should book your tickets then.


Airlines seem to love offering cheap flights in January. Probably because people are out of money after the holidays and they’re trying to boost demand. Keep this in mind when planning your travels next year, and set aside some cash to book your summer vacation flights in January.

As Matthew notes, this doesn’t mean you necessarily have to fly during this time to get your business class flights discount; you simply need to have the foresight to have money set aside. If you’re going to be spending that money on a flight either way, why not squirrel it away for a time that you know flights will be a better price? Otherwise you’re basically throwing that discounted business class ticket out the window!

When it comes to getting deals on business class airfare, planning is essential. By pinpointing your travel goals and destinations well enough in advance, you’ll be in the perfect position to procure the best discount business class flights. Trust us, cheap business tickets are well worth it to do a little planning for. You’ll be so happy you did.


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