Imagine yourself flying in business class for your next trip to Europe. You will be treated to incredible cuisine prepared by top chefs, gain access to posh airport lounges, and experience the joys of a luxurious seat aboard the plane that reclines to become a fully-flat bed. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You will gain access to priority check-in and security clearance and experience exemplary customer service on business class flights to Prague, or other great European destinations like Madrid, Barcelona or Zurich.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you’re thinking that you can’t afford to travel in business class, you’re in for a surprise. The truth is that there are many ways to obtain massively discounted business class airfares to Europe. Forget about paying full price for premium tickets!

Read ahead for some excellent tips that will allow you to travel in style without breaking the bank.

Use the Services of a Specialized Agency

Be sure to contact a travel agency that specializes in finding cheap business class airfares to Europe. By negotiating deals with major airfare wholesalers and consolidators, these agencies are able to access databases containing incredibly low prices for business class flights.

You will be able to save as much as 40 to 70 percent on your tickets, while experiencing an easy booking process with amazing customer service.

Pick the Best Dates for Your Flights

In many instances, you can save even more money on discounted business class airfares to Europe by avoiding the most popular dates for business travelers.

Typically, Saturday and Sunday mornings are great choices for saving money on your tickets, as well as many holiday dates. The fact is that the cabins are generally emptier at these times, which is likely to help you find discounted business class airfares to Europe. Why pay full price? Instead, choose your dates wisely and keep your spare money to make your time at the destination even better!

Booking Early Can Help Too

Airlines often list business class deals in newsletters before they are released to the general public, so that’s a great place to check. Social media is another option for finding short-sale discounts, so it can be a good idea to follow the airlines to find deeply discounted business class airfares to Europe.

Search for Connections

Another great tip is to find connections in markets where discounted business class airfares to Europe can be obtained. Luxury travel expert Doug Gollan offers examples in the following excerpt from an article published in Forbes:

“Figuring out the rationale for airline pricing can sometimes be difficult. One rule of thumb, when looking to save money on business class on international long-haul flights, is to look for connections in markets where there are nonstop flights. Recently, I was traveling between New York and Zurich. Booking my ticket about 10 days before departure left me with nonstop pricing of nearly $2,000 in economy class and over $7,000 in business class. TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines and LOT Polish were all offering roundtrip business class fares between the two cities for just over $2,000. Having flown with TAP (Lisbon is easy to connect, but its business class seats are circa 1995) and Turkish Airlines (one of the best business classes in the world, but a significant detour), I decided to try going via Warsaw.”