Traveling to Rome is going to be one of the best experiences you’ll get in Europe. It’s rife with history, culture, and fabulous food! Real travel experts know exactly when is best to visit and luckily, we know what we’re talking about.

Did you know that in 2015, people spent over $650.8 billion on leisurely travel? That’s a hefty number, and we love it! So, whether you’re sipping champagne and flying in style on a luxury flight or in a hostel with a group of fellow budget travelers looking for maximum savings, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some quirky travel tips to remember when you’re traveling to Rome.

‘Tis the perfect season!
Traveling to Rome in the summer months is nothing short of sweltering. It’s a beautiful city and nearly everything is outdoors, so in the peak of summer tourism, Rome can be one of the warmest, most congested places in Europe! During the fall and winter months, the temperatures cool off and fewer people are traveling, so you’ve picked the right time to travel to Rome and really get a sense of the city in more peaceful months. Plus, you can find cheaper tickets and even fly first class to Rome without breaking the bank.

Dressing for the Vatican?
There are tons of historical, religious, and artistic sites to see in Rome, but the Vatican has a funky rule. If you try to go to the Vatican City with exposed shoulders and knees, you won’t be let in! Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter. Remember that when you go to visit the Pope’s state. Oh, and we positively couldn’t leave out the Roman Forum, Colluseum, and Sistine Chapel, which you must see (and they have no strict dress codes)!

Lace up the smart way, trust us
Invest in some comfortable, supportive walking shoes. Rome is a walking city, it’s vast, and the sometimes ancient cobblestone terrain isn’t the friendliest on your feet. Prepare accordingly with appropriate footwear, otherwise, you’ll be kicking yourself during the long days of wandering. All that walking is ideal for stopping to eat, having a glass of wine (or two), perhaps a gelato; it’s up to you!

The world is full of wonderful places to visit, and we think that a few helpful hints to get you started are a good foundation. What we encourage more is doing a little personal research, being smart about safety and preparation, and then just going on an adventure. Sometimes there’s no better way to explore a new place than to take the road less traveled by. We’ve heard it makes all the difference. Ciao!