Back in 1999, more than 70 million tourists flocked to the City of Light, spending nearly $30 million USD in France. Since then, tourism numbers have only grown: in 2015, 84.5 million foreign visitors came to France to enjoy all the beauty the country has to offer. If you plan to fly to Paris on business this year, you may not be focused on the most popular attractions. While there may be a bit of time for sightseeing in Paris, your main concern will be business, rather than pleasure. Still, if you want to actually enjoy your stay and make valuable connections, you’ll want to remember to pack these five items in your suitcase when you board your business class flight to Paris.

    1. Documentation
      When flying business class to Paris, you’ll definitely need your passport. But it will benefit you to make copies of your passport and even your birth certificate in advance of your trip. Give a copy of these materials to a trusted relative, friend, or coworker and bring another copy with you while traveling. Keep these copies separate from any actual documentation you bring with you. That way, if you happen to lose your passport, you’ll have a much easier time getting temporary documents from your country’s embassy.


    1. Phrase Book
      Assuming you’re not fluent in the language, you should bring along a phrase book or download a phrase book app to your smartphone before departure. While most locals you encounter will know English (or at least some level of it), it’s proper etiquette to try to converse in the country’s language. If nothing else, making an effort will go a long way. Try to learn at least the most basic phrases you’ll need during your stay, particularly greetings and expressions of thanks.


    1. Currency
      You’ll benefit from better exchange rates if you switch over to French currency prior to arriving in France. Don’t rely on ATM withdrawals, either; you’ll be hit with a high fee. Generally, it’s more cost-effective and more convenient to take care of this beforehand. When you already have the right money, you can immediately get to your next destination without worrying about whether or not you have enough money to get to your hotel.


    1. Umbrella
      You can expect it to rain in Paris year-round. While you may not experience any torrential downpours, you’ll still want to pack an umbrella when you fly to Paris. Make sure you bring one that collapses to save valuable space in your luggage. While you can buy an umbrella there, you don’t want to have to wait until you really need one to do so.


  1. Electricity Adapters
    If you fly to Paris on business, you’re likely going to need to use your various gadgets throughout the day. But your smartphone, tablet, and laptop will quickly die on you if you fail to bring universal power adapters to keep them charged. European outlets are different from the American kind, which means the plugs your devices came with won’t work when you’re overseas. You may need to buy both an adapter plug and either a converter or transformer. Take stock of everything you’ll be bringing that needs to be plugged in (including hair dryers and styling tools, makeup mirrors, and travel steamers) to cover all your bases.

While a lot of these items may be available for purchase in France, you’ll want to avoid paying unnecessary costs and dealing with unnecessary panic. When you come prepared, travel will be a breeze. That way, when you fly to Paris for business, you’ll actually get some pleasure out of it, too.