So you’ve decided to take the plunge into flying business class. Your bags are packed, and the anticipation is building, but the question remains; what is it like to fly business class for the first time? What’s different? What’s the same? Will you ever be able to go back to economy? So many questions, so little time. First off, you should be excited. Flying business class is a pretty special experience, when you’re used to expecting less out of your flights. The seats are more comfortable, the service is better and the food is often downright delicious. And have you heard of a special little extra reserved for business class travelers called amenity kits? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect on your very first business class flight.


Check-In for Business Class Flights


If you’ve never flown business class before, the first thing you are bound to notice that’s different about flying business class; the check-in. Not to overstate it, but checking in can be a bit of a nightmare when flying economy. Everyone has the same goal, to get check-in over with and get on to the plane. There are different lines for different zones, and it can be difficult to know which line you’re even supposed to be in. Then once you board, you’ll have to wait behind everyone else as they stow their baggage, and then bump against other passenger’s knees as you crawl across to get into your seats. Things aren’t quite the same in business class. A travel blogger elaborates:

So you’ve arrived at the airport with luggage in tow only to be greeted by massive check-in lines – not when you’ve got a Business Class ticket to collect. A dedicated check-in line makes you a priority, so you can skip the regular queue, receive prompt service and be on your way in a zippy.

To make it better, many airlines offer priority security screening for First and Business Class guests. If you’re flying with Etihad out of Abu Dhabi, the benefits extend to kerbside service and a designated airport entrance and check-in lobby exclusively for First and Business Class travelers.

The only thing better than having business class priority check-in is having your own check-in lobby. That seems like something only James Bond should have. Luckily for you, no license to kill is required for access. Business class lounges are just one of the many perks you get for flying business class, and they are truly one of the best! So get on that plane, and grab a martini, shaken, not stirred.


What It’s Like to Fly Business Class


What It's Like to Fly Business ClassNow that we’ve covered the more practical aspects, let’s get to the actual experience of flying business class for the first time. Simply put, the business class flying experience is a true luxury experience. You know that feeling when you’re lying on the couch and you just don’t want to get up? Flying business class is like that, except you’re being pampered at the same time. Take as an example this travel blogger who was more than a little enthusiastic about being handed an ice cream sundae:

Halfway through my flight, I was swaddled in a cashmere blanket and watching a cheesy ‘90s rom com with a glass of champagne in hand. To say I was in heaven, was an understatement. But then a three-tiered sundae cart emerged piled high with coconut shavings, whipped cream and fudge, and that’s when I really started wishing the flight would never end.

Cashmere blankets? Amazing deserts? Champagne? If you were asking yourself is it worth it flying business class before, you probably are starting to understand what all the hype is about. Flying business class for the first time is a truly memorable experience. You will never forget the spacious business class seats, the top notch business class cuisine, the express business class check-in service, or the highly attentive business class staff pampering you and responding to your every need…and not to mention the cherry on top! Those complimentary amenity kits that provide you little extra items like toiletries, luxurious pillows and blankets, and even pajamas!  All of which is guaranteed to make your first time flying business class unlike any flying experience you’ve ever had before. You’ll never want to land!

Any way you slice it, flying business class is an ideal experience. Flying business class for the first time is something you will remember for the rest of your life. We’d call it heaven on Earth, but you aren’t really on Earth when you fly, are you? Chew on that for a while, and have an incredible first business class flight.


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