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All-Suite Business Class Flights

Imagine yourself traveling on an all-suite business class flight! According to the following article by New York Times travel contributor Shivani Vora, Delta is planning to launch such a service later this year.

“This product is meant to be as close to a private jet experience as possible and is driven by our customers, who were telling us that they wanted more privacy,” said Tim Mapes, Delta’s chief marketing officer.

The suites will not be an additional category on top of Delta One business class, but a replacement for it entirely on some long-haul flights, primarily those with a flying time of more than 12 hours, like the 14 to 15 hours it takes to reach Sydney Airport from Los Angeles International Airport (besides Delta One, the airline has one other class, main cabin — its name for economy).

The suites are expected to debut on Delta’s first Airbus A350 plane in September 2017, and although tickets for the new aircraft are to go on sale in November, the route it will fly is still being determined. “Right now, we are focused on what these suites give our passengers, and that’s more privacy and much more personal space,” said Robbie Schaefer, Delta’s onboard product manager.

The initial all-suite Delta One cabin will have 32 seats, compared with the 26 to 38 seats on Delta One classes. Besides a fully flatbed seat with direct aisle access, which the airline introduced eight years ago in Delta One, each suite will have a door that slides shut and is as high as the seat.

Delta worked with the London-based aviation design firm Factorydesign to create the suite, and the company’s managing director, Peter Tennent, said that travelers concerned about feeling claustrophobic when the door is shut needn’t worry. “Passengers will have several feet of personal space around them and won’t be banging their elbows against the walls,” he said.

Other amenities in the suite include seats that are wider than the average of 21 inches on existing Delta One classes (for competitive reasons, the airline did not release the specific width); roomy stowage compartments for shoes, headphones and laptops; two consoles so passengers can comfortably spread out their drinks, reading materials and laptops; and an 18-inch-high resolution entertainment monitor, the largest among United States-based carriers, according to the airline, and bigger than the 11- to 15-inch monitors in Delta One classes.