Amsterdam is an amazing town. You never know what its narrow streets will show you on any given day. Turn one way and you may come across an incredible art gallery. You can spend hours perusing fine Dutch art. Take a different route and you could come across a quaint restaurant that will have you coming back the very next day.

Amsterdam is an adventurer’s paradise. Simply wandering is a perfectly good way to spend your time in this cultural hub of the Netherlands. If you’d like the same feel, but with a bit more speed, rent one of the many available bicycles. Of course, getting to Amsterdam takes the better part of a day. It’s a long flight, and for that reason it makes a lot of sense to fly business class to Amsterdam. But the length of the flight is only part of the reason why you should fly business class to Amsterdam. Let’s find out what else you can expect!


Why Fly Business Class to Amsterdam? In a Word: Comfort.


Why fly business class to Amsterdam? Well, if you’re like most airplane passengers, you’re very concerned with inflight comfort. Who wants to lay out the cash for a long flight to Amsterdam and feel like they’re cramped in a tiny box the whole time? Many people who have taken their fair share of economy class flights can sympathize with this feeling of being squeezed in like sardines. As you can see in the below infographic, comfort is a major priority for today’s airline passenger, is a major factor why people choose to fly business class to places like Amsterdam that require a long flight.

Why fly business class to Amsterdam?

If you’re a part of this majority and would just like some more legroom and to feel comfortable during your long flight, business class to Amsterdam is the answer. Another thing this infographic shows us is passengers who opt for a higher class of service have more restful flights. The importance of this can’t be understated. By getting rest on your flight, you’re able to fully enjoy your trip upon arrival, rather than spending valuable time shaking off jetlag.


Why Flying Business Class for Work Makes So Much Sense


While flying business class is a true luxury experience while on vacation, it’s even more imperative to get a good rest if your trip to Amsterdam is for business purposes. According to the website “Business and Industry” feeling “more human” when you get off the plane can help you in a big way:

Flying long distance is hard work and if you are travelling to meet an important client or for a crucial internal meeting you want to arrive as fresh as possible. If you have enjoyed the benefits of business class you will walk off the plane feeling a little more human than you otherwise might and ready to negotiate that crucial deal or discuss important issues with colleagues. Business travel is very disruptive to your work and personal life but face to face meetings are as vital as ever and can never be replaced completely by technology such as video conferencing.

Though business class costs a bit more than economy, the benefits can be invaluable. An important international business meeting is not a thing you want to be pinching pennies on. It could mean the difference between making a sale or not. The ROI on a business class flight can mean all the difference on closing that big deal!

If you travel to Amsterdam, you’ll be happy you did. There’s so much to see. Just make sure you aren’t seeing it through a haze. An uncomfortable flight can take the joy out of an otherwise wonderful trip. So rest up on that flight and enjoy your flying business class to Amsterdam. Bon voyage!


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