Looking for a Unique Way to See Venice?

Kathy McCabe, Founder and Publisher of the Dream of Italy travel newsletter, recommends guided tours via kayak as “one of the coolest ways to see Venice.”  Founded in December 2011, Venice Kayak Srl is the exclusive provider of kayaking tours of Venice. “Getting away from tourist hoards and into the winding canals that make Venice so unique offers visitors perhaps the most authentic view and experience of the city,” noted Dream of Italy in its May 2009 issue, recently updated in 2016.

Don’t Worry if You’re Short on Time

An exclusive destination like Venice is tough to explore in just one day. But if you’re short on time and want the highlights, check out this great info graphic – Venice In 1 Day – from Wickedgoodtraveltips.com.


Travel Tip:

Important airport tip from QuickVenice.com: “Marco Polo Airport can be overcrowded during high season, on weekends, or when several large cruise ships have arrived on the same morning. We recommend allowing at least two hours (preferably more) for check-in and security.”

Arrive in Style to the Unforgettable City of Venice

To be certain that you avoid the stresses and exhaustion of economy travel, make sure to book business class flights to Venice. Premium travel is the only way to guarantee that you’ll experience top quality cuisine, extravagant services, and supreme comfort during your journey. Once you’ve traveled business class, you’ll know the difference that superior tickets can make while travelling to grand European destinations like Venice.