Some people love flying, while others despise it. Then there are the rest of us who like it just fine. We tolerate it because we have to. It’s not totally pleasant, but it’s not altogether unpleasant. And what would a life without air travel be? Stuck in one place, never venturing to distant lands. That’s not an option for many of us. But what if we told you you could fly in the lap of luxury? That flying could actually be a truly enjoyable experience that you even look forward to? Welcome to the world of business class flights!


Business Class Flights Make Flying Enjoyable


Travel is the spice of life. Adventuring is one of the few things that can wake us from months on end of our regular routine. The experience of flying on business class flights truly changes people’s opinions about flying, and fast. Sitting back in your plush business class seat as you wait for your complimentary glass of champagne and 5 star business class meal is a true joy. No kids kicking the back of your chair all flight. No begging for a bag of honey roasted peanuts. Traveling on business class flights makes traveling a one of a kind experience. If you’ve never had the business class experience, we highly recommend it. Flying doesn’t have to be something we just grin and bear. It can be something that leaves us grinning and grinning.


What Business Class Flights Are Really Like


So what is flying business class actually like? That’s a question we hear a lot of. It’s a very good question, after all, why would you want to shell out money for an something that may not live up to all the hype? Today, we’ll look at some personal experiences that people have had while taking business class flights. First, we have a glowing review of the seating on a Qantas business class flight to Washington, D.C. You can feel the excitement jumping off the page in the following excerpt:

cheap business class flightsNot only can you lie completely flat with your seat to sleep, but you can recline it back to get comfy for a movie, or sit it back up to eat or type on your computer, or for reading a book.

And the seats are wide and comfortable. Just hit a few buttons until it moves into the position you want, without having to worry about encroaching on the space of the people behind you, you know, like when they have their tray table out and you want to sleep.

We all know that feeling of guilt you get when leaning your chair back in coach. You know it’s going to affect the passenger behind you, but what choice do you have? This is something you can say goodbye to as you take your seat on a business class flight. Business class flights are designed for comfort and luxury. Recline back without remorse! Stretch your legs! This is what the business class flying experience is all about!


The Perks of Flying Business Class


One thing you may have heard about business class flights is that you get some freebies. The perks of flying business class are a real thing, and are worth getting excited about! Receiving an amenities kit is a surefire way to feel appreciated and taken care of. The whole point of flying business class is to feel special, to get an experience that is truly worth the money. On a recent Air France business class flight to Los Angeles, a travel blogger describes the swag he got:

Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendants came through to hand out the colorful amenity kits, which included a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, a comb, a shoehorn, an eye mask and earplugs, Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel and lip balm. A bag containing slippers, socks and covers for the headphones was also waiting on the seat, and you could use the bag to hold your own shoes while wearing the slippers.

Isn’t there just a sweet ring to the words ‘amenity kit’? It’s even sweeter when you realize your amenity kit is just the tip of the business class experience. You’ll get fantastic rest, amazing service, 5 star food and front of line service in the airports. Business class flights offer all this and more and the only way for you to truly understand how amazing the experience is, is to experience it for yourself.

If you’re considering flying business class, rest assured that you would enjoy it. And don’t worry too much about the price! We can help you find cheap business class flights to destinations all throughout Europe that will save you between 30-70% off! Discount business class tickets are only a few clicks away! So pack your bags, and leave your worries behind and leave the rest up to us!


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