Sometimes traveling is a joy; other times it’s a thing you have to do for business. Either way, your comfort is important. We’ve all flown economy class, and know that it can be a real pain. There’s got to be a better way! Of course there is, and that better way is flying business class. Now, not all business class flights were created equal. Each has its own pros and cons. Today we’ll be looking at British Airways international business class flights. Whether your destination is in the United Kingdom or one of the other places British Airways lands, you’re sure to have a good flight.

Why British Airways Is One of the Best International Business Class Flights


There are many reason British Airways ranks as one of the best international business class flights. Right away one thing you’re bound to notice about British Airways international business class flights is the ample and luxurious seating with plenty of leg room and room to recline. We all know the pain of sitting in economy class seats. Being all cramped up with nowhere for your legs to go is a terrible feeling. British Airways, always an innovator in business class cabins, has found a way for you to sit in comfort and also adjust your level of privacy accordingly. This impressed travel blogger explains:

British Airways International Business ClassWith a 4, 2,2 arrangement, British Airways seems to have overcome the issue that troubles many business class flights: how to balance the requirements for those who want privacy with those who don’t. Window and aisle seats are cocooned; the two middle seats open up to one another. When travelling for work, I definitely want to cocoon myself as much as possible but if you’re on a romantic getaway or travelling with a young child then the central seats would definitely appeal.

Whether you’re flying solo, or with a partner, British Airways international business class flights offer you a well designed business class seat that is pushing the envelope on comfort and style. Imagine being able to have a little privacy when you choose to. That’s one of the perks of flying business class international that most of us can’t imagine experiencing on a plane.

Privacy isn’t the only thing these British Airways International business class seats have to offer; they also turn into beds! Sleeping on a plane is difficult for many of us, but with the advent of lie-flat beds, it’s getting easier. An excited travel blogger attests to this in the following excerpt:

I’m terrible for sleeping on planes. No matter which position I curl into or how many times I wake up with a stiff neck, I just can’t seem to reach the point of no return that actually involves proper rest.

That was until the invention of “lie flat” beds in business class came into the equation, and beyond my own belief I managed a solid 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep on my BA flight from Singapore to London Heathrow! Inside the BA “Club World” cabin, you will have your very own lie flat bed as well as a comfort pack to make sleeping a breeze – ear plugs, eye mask, cozy socks, and of course toiletries to refresh yourself just before arrival.

Elevate Your Travels With British Airways International Business Class Flights


Can you imagine enjoying a 10-hour sleep on a plane? For a lot of us that sounds about as likely as a pig learning how to fly. But with your own lie-flat bed on British Airways International business class, you just might become a believer.

There are lots of great business class airlines to choose from, and you’d likely have a great experience on any one of them. If you do end up on British Airways business class flights though, we’re confident you’ll be happy with your experience and arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed. And  one more thing, you don’t need to spend a lot to book an international business class flight. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll help you find cheap international business class tickets to your destination. We can help you save up to 70% off your international business class ticket! Talk about huge discounts! So pack your bags and leave your worries about expensive plane tickets beyond and leave the rest to Wholesale Flights! Bon voyage!


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